Mindscanner #54

The Official Publication of KAG


Table of Contents 1. Thought Admiral Kris
2. For the Klingon Assault Group by Kuuriis
3. Commandations and Promotions
4. Ring of Fire Fleet by Admiral Kutaj
5. From the Original Klingon Bear by Admiral Kragtowl
6. KAG Line Database by Lt veqtaH vestai-ja'ngeQ
7. The Archivists Guild Line Registry by Kilmarac of the MAV qij So'
8. Force Recon by Captain Khar'Ton
10. Days of Honor by Captain Khar'Ton
11. From Twisted Minds by KwISt
12. From Down Under by Captain Krud
13. HomeWorld by Admiral Kragtowl
14. Straight From The Water Tower (Again) by Captain K'Han
15. ELINT Adventures by Kordite
16. Wild Frontier Quadrant Update by K'Tyr of the Shadow's Edge
17. Cold Steel Quadrant by Cmdr. K'Ray
18. It's Great To Be A Klingon by Kijo
20. Interview With A Ferengi featuring Bev Mohat
21. Imperial Xeno Legion
22. GalactiCon 1999 KAG Spring Break
23. Imperial Marine Security Forces by Lt. Col. Qor'Toq
24. 5th Fist Imperial Marine Force by Marine Major Khatal
25. My First Convention by Kheyra of the Spirit of Glory
26. The Imperial Klingon Vessel Deathwind by Lt. Cdr. Tarkon
27. Makeup and Casting Supplies submitted by Admiral Kragtowl
28. The Further Adventures of the IKV Dragon's Blade. by LCdr. Kr'gahN
29. K'Sy At The Batleth by K'hrtas of the RakeHell
30. Dancing with the Devil by JuDmoS of the SoSoyli'
31. A Demon on the West Coast by Cmdr. Martek
32. Bad Ship PMS Refitting by Lady Dokmarra
33. Our Trip To Mars by Cmdr. Kerla