Mindscanner #54


Captain zantai - K'Han Den (Dennis Hannon) <[email protected]>

Captain Zantai - K'Darra T'aw (Tonya Walters) <[email protected]>

Captain sutai - Krud Pallara (Steve Mortimer) <[email protected]>

Commander sutai - Khaywolf, High Cleric of Grethor (Wolf Klauschie) <[email protected]>

Commander sutai - QeSlaH qu'ree (Don Gaffney) <[email protected]>


Captain K'Han zantai-Den (Dennis Hannon) - Ring of Fire Fleet XO <[email protected]>

Katah sutai-Heckler (Mike Wilson) - Starfire Quadrant CO <[email protected]>

Commander Khaywolf (Wolf Klauschie) - Kristak Quadrant XO <[email protected]>

Commander K'Ray sutai-Dyazelya - (Judi Haynes) - Cold Steel Quadrant CO <[email protected]>


Through all the turmoil of recent times some KAG members have been outstanding in their dedication and work to maintain communication and promote understanding throughout all regions of the club. The effort and spirit of the following warriors is especially deserving of our recognition and our profound thanks. KAG Commendation is gratefully extended to:

Qob sutai-Hurric (Bill Hedrick)

QeSlaH sutai-qu'ree (Don Gaffney)

KoHla sutai-DevnoH (Susan Keenan)

Khatal vestai-H'aaWK (Chico Santiago)

Najchom sutai-Trekkan (Stacie Cupples)

tlhIn'toq sutai-to'meD (Clint St. Laurent)

Qor'Toq vestai-DevnoH (Bill Ramsey)

Khaywolf, High Cleric of Grethor (Wolf Klauschie)

Each of these warriors has provided services to KAG that the club could not do without, or has worked above and beyond the call of duty to promote the unity of the club. To these honored warriors, a hearty "Qapla'"!