Mindscanner #54
For the Klingon Assault Group

Greetings, Warriors of KAG

Our decennial year has begun, and what can be seen most clearly at this time is that KAG marches forward. On every front activity can be seen that brings KAG together, creates new ways of playing Klingon and makes the overall experience of KAG more fun for the membership.

Crossover positions unifying the fleets of KAG are underlining our mutual interdependence while making use of the differences between fleets to invigorate all the participants. Demon Fleet members are working with Naval personnel as Quadrant XOs and Sector Commanders, bringing everyone closer. KAG's Marines are operating on all fronts to bring the glory of the IMSF to every sector of the Klingon Assault Group.

The Homeworld Concept, a new look at the way Klin fandom works, seems poised to leap over fleet and club lines, to welcome any and all who wish to explore the non-military side of Klingon life (see Adm. Kragtowl's report in this issue). New Guilds are forming within the Demon Fleet that are also open to all.

KAG's second decade has opened with a spirit of unity, openness, and cooperation between the fleets, divisions and members. The level of creativity and activity this spirit has engendered in all areas of KAG is astounding. New newsletters, new activities, new meeting places, both actual and virtual. A renaissance is sweeping KAG as we enter our second decade.

Yes, KAG is moving forward, and we've got a message: KAG wants to have fun.

The membership has spoken.

KuurIIs (Jack Borkowski)
For KAG [email protected]