Mindscanner #54

The Klingon Assault Group.

When I came up with that name back in 1989, I wanted a club name that sounded aggressive, wouldn't EVER be mistaken for ANYTHING diplomatic, and would carve its own swath to glory.

Ten years ago. Hell of a ride. Some questions for you? Are we "settling"? Are we letting OUR hobby be determined by what's trendy and popular on STAR TREK ?

When I started KAG, our policy and biggest source of fun was hassling Fed clubs. Then we laughed at the idea of being "goody two-shoed" Klingons like Worf, we didn't want peace, and we didn't care what other clubs thought. We went to WAR, folks. We recruited, we played, we got publicity--tons of it.

What are we doing NOW?

Do we want complacency, or action? If the latter, how do we make it happen? Would going back to the OLD WAYS OF KAG be the course to take? Let's see...SCOFF at Starfleet. SWAGGER down those convention hallways. LAUGH at pointless regulations and bureaucracies (even our own!)

What made the Klingons so memorable in the original series was their RUTHLESSNESS and SENSE OF PURPOSE. They were delightful villains.

A word about actors. Many of them LOVE the chance to portray villains (or ANTAGONISTS--look it up!) Their characters can

do things, get away with things, that the good guys (PROTAGONISTS) are prohibited from doing.

Keep in mind the Five Rules of KAG, and if you want to spice up your Klingon portrayal, consider the Empire's emissaries from the original show, the first few movies, and RIGHT HERE...the old timers of the KLINGON ASSAULT GROUP!



KAG Founder

John Halvorson

2550 Purvis Dr
Burbank CA 91504
[email protected]
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