Mindscanner #54
Klingon HEART

As we go to press, the information just came in that one of our own KAG families has suffered a terrible loss. Sam and Nikki Brown, of Granite City, Missouri, founding members of the IKV ShadowRaptor, have lost their 22 month old daughter Cheyenne in a fire that destroyed their home and all it's contents. The MindScanner staff extends deepest sympathies to the family.

Sam and Nikki and their other two children, Mickey, age 4 yrs, and Sam Jr., age 3 months, need to replace all of their clothing and other personal items.

Donations of money and clothing can being sent to them care of:

Stacie and Terry Cupples
2335 Whittemore PL.
St. Louis, MO 63104-2531
(314) 772 - 7783

Let's open our hearts and wallets to rally around these KAG members in their time of need.