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The Klingon Fan Version
An International Klingon Fan Event Weekend.


1. Every ship/chapter of EVERY Klingon-style fan club observes the "DAYS OF HONOR" in a way of their own choosing.

4. The Event must be something that can be viewed as 'honorable' or involves the concept of honor. (examples below or on next page...) THE WHEN:

The DAYS OF HONOR weekend will always be the weekend nearest to or including the date of March 23rd. The Next 4 weekends will be:

March 20 - 23, 1999 March 23 - 26, 2001
March 23 - 26, 2000 March 22 - 25, 2002

"DAYS OF HONOR" Examples of possible Events:

Blood Feuds (Blood Donation drive vs. other TREK-style group)

A canned Food Drive for a local food bank.

A charity event that benefits a shelter for abused women & children.

Cleaning up a section of Highway...or other public space.

Clothing Drive to benefit a local charity.

Discussing/ teaching the Klingon language at a school or Library.

A Jail & Bail to benefit a charity or community group.

A John M. Ford Trust benefit.

Reading to kids at a Library or School.

Sponsoring an animal at a Zoo.

A Toy collection for children in need.

Visiting patients at a local hospital. (Yes, in uniform.)


If any of you reading this have questions or suggestions please E-mail me at [email protected] My preferred contact point is my "snail-mail" address:

Edmund W. Charlton
P.O. BOX 53695
batlh Qapla' je,

Captain Khar'Ton