Mindscanner #54
By Cap'n KwISt (Joel 'Twisty' Nye)
[email protected]

"Smells Like Klingon Spirit"

Face it... being mortal really sucks. But what can you do about it?

Lots if you think about it... YOU ARE THE MASTER OF YOUR CHOICES! It's no wonder so many people love to be Klingons... KLINGONS don't have yer humdrum workday blues... They're indomitable, yeah, Nigh Invulnerable!

What makes a Klingon tick? It's their behavior... who ever heard of a Klingon wallflower? In American Sign Language (ASL) the word 'Klingons' is most often translated as "Angry People." Ron Moore was asked years back 'why do you write so many episodes about Klingons?' He replied, "The Klingons have made themselves quite necessary to Star Trek... They are the other half of the human equation that Starfleet is too pristine to embody!"

It is important to remember that it is entertaining because it is a DIFFERENT behavior... but more important to remember that people find it different because it's ENTERTAINING! Being blindly pissed-off can get old and out-of-control, but with good timing, it can be very comedic and refreshing.

So why get into a Klingon club like KAG? People often come seeking attention and knowledge in those sharing the Klingon interest. Knowledge comes from the experience of doing, so KAG is rich with participants who have done it. Attention is a trickier thing... It takes a lot of GLORY to win someone's attention, there's a world competing for peoples' time. It pays to be generous GIVING attention, so people may more willingly reciprocate.

If being Klingon has emboldened you into new strength, then share the wealth... ENCOURAGE everybody. The best Commanders are those that revitalize their troops.