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Klingon Warriors, HIqIm!

This IS Krud !

-and for those that don't know me. Commander Krud-sutai Pallara,

Commanding IKV Dragons Fury, Commander of the Sundragon Fleet and KAG Australia. A Klingon is Ugly, often Offensive, Unclean, Excitable and Rude; or however the average 'Feddie/Jock type will berate us ! You will hardly ever hear Pathetic or Looser thrown at us, it just is this stem of humanity (I believe) that is not attracted to or fertilized within, Klingon Fandom.

Let me put it another way. The Sundragon Fleet has +90 members, and of that 90 members I can honestly say that very few would be considered as an 'under achiever'. We would not be as successful or noticed as we are if it had not been for the active nature of Klingons; and this, I consider, is the basis of the success of not only the Sundragon Fleet, but KAG.

I have been saying for a while now, that we are all strong people to be in this group, and not wimpy lead-by-the-nose, glory-for-nothing "wanna-be's". There are enough groups (especially S.T groups) out there that merely sit and pretend greatness into being. We, by our very nature as Warriors are a species of action! In essence, throwing the bravado of a Klingon characterization breeds very strong real life character. I recently did some work at a Christian school here in Brisbane and they defined Character in such terms as.

a.. Courage - Do what is right without hesitation.
b.. Determination - Stick with it, regardless. Finish well.
c.. Diligence - Consistently work hard. Stick it out.
d.. Honesty-Speak and live the truth....always.
e.. Punctuality - Be on time. Start on time. Finish on time.
f.. Purity - Reject whatever lowers your moral standards.
g.. Responsibility - Be dependable. Be trustworthy. Be faithful.
h.. Self control - When under stress, stay calm.

(Charles Swindon/Northside Christian College)

Taken with a pinch of salt, are these not Klingon values and our aims? I ask you, and who is more personal developmental than a Christian college? Since joining I have seen members of KAG actively go out and make a difference in the world; this ranges from (in Brisbane's case at least) wholly taking over and re-organizing the Sci-Fi community into a working venture, and forcibly leading in charity work. These are not the actions of weak people.

The Sundragon Fleet is less than three years old and already we have 5-6 'project' departments as well as our 10 fleet ships ! Ok we are a very young chapter in KAG, and there is a lot of enthusiasm. But the majority of KAG members are also fans in other organizations (and this is not only Sci-Fi clubs), and my experience is you don't see this amount of unbridled input in the average social club. Whether this is KAG attracting strong willed-people or that Klingon personas develop personal strength I can't say, it's probably a little of both. This is all testimony to this strong character I speak of, for I would say not one member of the Sundragon Fleet is a 'static' person.

OK... OK.. I'll get to the point. I am not telling you anything you don't know, we are all people of strong personality or you wouldn't be reading a magazine like this.......right? This attitude does bring more. . . heated opinions than most, but the 'debates' are fun! What I wish to establish is that a strong persona is something that helps anyone in life, and that KAG is one of the most direct (A physiologist would NOT say healthiest ! Hehehehehe) ways to develop that strength. I will leave you with the comments of my Chief of Fleet Staff, Lt Com. B'Elos Dax "No, I don't think I'm wasting my time (life) dressing up in costumes. Since joining this group I have never before been more creative, cultural, entertained and educated. My varied social life is literally exhausting, and I have 10 times the friends I had before!"

I would like to thank Kerla for the invitation to speak here today, and cordially invite her to deliver an article regarding KAG U.S.A for our magazine the "Warriors Way".

(on line Warriors Way)


Commander Krud sutai-Pallara
Commanding IKV Dragons Fury
Sundragon Fleet Commander
Commander of KAG Australia

[email protected]

[Ed. Note: As we've gone to press, Krud has been promoted to the rank of Captain-sutai. Congratulations!]