Mindscanner #54
The Imperial Klingon Vessel Deathwind
Lt. Cdr. Tarkon vestai-daKrun
[email protected]

"Engineering, what is the status of the shields," shouted the Deathwind Commander as a shot from a Marquis ship came across the bow, just as another renegade ship appeared on the view screen. Finally, the Deathwind was in the heat of another glorious battle and this time the Deathwind had its work cut out with two ships. The command and crew handled this like a walk in the park returning a volley of quantum torpedoes and disrupter fire at their foes. Torpedo and phasers were returned at a furious pace but the bird-of-prey held her ground. The Deathwind went into cloak to enable it to come around to the rear of the Marquis ship. The Deathwind decloaked and let out a barrage of phaser fire into the rear engines and cloaked again. This time the Deathwind decloaked and fired quantum torpedoes into the side of the other renegade ship. The Deathwind was able to inflict enough damage that it sent the two renegade ships fleeing like a wounded dog into another sector. However, everyone knew that the day would come when they would return with a vengeance. What a glorious day that will be. I hope it will be soon.

The above is the view from a Klingon Commander. In reality it was a bowling challenge held last March in which the Deathwind crew challenged and defeated two local Star Trek Fan Clubs. It was a great time that was enjoyed by all. This is only one of the fun events that this crew participates in. The crew gets involved in many activities including parades, festivals, and outings to name a few.

The Imperial Klingon Vessel Deathwind is a K'Vort class Bird-of-Prey that was commissioned and launched from the Kronos Ship Yard on 9504.29 for the Camp Dover Peace Conference and is based in Weirton, West Virginia. The Deathwind patrols the Northern Quadrant for the Dark Moon Fleet and is part of a newly formed squadron that remains unnamed at this time. The Squadron consists of the Deathwind and two Demon Fleet ships, the Targ and Dark Justice. Warriors are routinely sent on Terran missions to ensure the interests of the Empire are upheld.

The Deathwind is commanded by Lt. Cdr. Tarkon vestai-daKrun. Lt. Cdr. B'SHar vestai-K'tor, the Second Commander, and Lt. Valkris vestai-K'tor, head of Security help make up the Command Staff. The Deathwind has two houses on board. The daKrun house hailed from the Klingon Moon Praxis until its untimely demise and is now on the homeworld. The K'tor house is a house of female assassins. The daKrun and K'tor houses are both excepting petitions to join their houses. They can be reached along with any comments at the above address.