Mindscanner #54

The Archivists Guild Line Registry

by Kilmarac of the MAV qij So' (Jason McGuire)
[email protected]

Greetings Klingons. I am Lt.Cmdr. Kilmarac-vestai-JAROV and the time has come to make your house known. 'How?' you ask... Well I'll tell you.... SO YOU BETTER LISTEN....

The Archivists Guild is a group of Klingons that decided to dedicate themselves to keeping archives of every shape form and type. We took the initiative to set up a place for all Klingons... in KAG or all of Fandom to register their lines, hopefully making the Archivists Guild a central repository for the listing of Line names and houses, (and a couple of Klingon religions too!) The idea started with a simple email form that people could fill out, and it took off.

There is no minimum rank requirement, or minimum number of members. Nothing to say that we won't take your line. You have a line name; we have a place to list it.

In the short time that the line registry has existed we have received several applications asking why we didn't have a website to work from, which started the second crusade of line registry: The Website. Now after much work and determination, all Klingons of any group can register their lines through one central location. By filling out a simple web form, and checking a few choices, your line can be registered. It can also be listed on the website for publication and recruitment.

The Archivists Guild Registry is a convenient place to register lines. All information received is confidential unless otherwise instructed by the submitter. We welcome the other registries to work together with us. Remember.... as the members of your groups... YOU make us as official or as useful as YOU choose to, we aren't going to force you, we're just here if you want to use us.

Anyone interested in registering their line with the Archivists Guild line registry, feel free to visit my website at http://blackcloak.cjb.net and follow the links to the forms.

Anyone who doesn't have web access and wishes to receive a list of publicly available lines, and/or register their line can either email me at [email protected] or [email protected] or feel free to use snail mail to:

KAG / Archivists Guild Registry
c/o Jason McGuire
PO Box 122
Neenah, WI 54956