Mindscanner #54


KAG's 1999 HopeCon International Convention, scheduled for the Halloween weekend in Canton, Ohio, will not take place due to unforseen circumstances. After consultation with the organizer of HopeCon, Captain K'Darra (Tonya Walters), it was decided that KAG's Ten-year anniversary could not pass without her International Convention taking place. Thanks from all of KAG go out to Clara Miller, the organizer of Galacticon, for agreeing to uphold the banner of HopeCon and make KAG's Spring Break into the start of our Anniversary celebration.

Galacticon takes place on April 16 thru 18, 1999 in Chattanooga, Tennesse at the Ramada Inn. The event is specially priced for all Kingons at $20 for the weekend. Clara Miller, Chairman of Galacticon says: "Galacticon 1999 Is NOT Magic Carpet Con but our board of directors would like to continue an association with the Klingons. So we are offering a special price to all Klingons. I must have some method of proving Klingons are Klingons or everyone will be claiming that they are Klingons.

"The $20.00 rate applies to any Klingon. Some kind of proof will be required. It may be an ID card, ship's roster, or personal ID by someone I know or trust. If you have any other suggestion of any type of proof we can use I would appreciate hearing about it. I will be doing Klingon registration, and Klingons volunteering to help with registration would be a great help. To clear up any lingering doubts all this came about because the Klingons who worked for Magic Carpet Con V were promised a rebate if they worked 2 shifts (4 hours each). Between the time the list was made up on Saturday night and time to hand out the rebates on Sunday afternoon The List disappeared. No one was able to redo the list and be sure that it was accurate. Therefore the promised rebates could not be given.

There will be Klingon-type programing. A program room has been reserved for this programing. There will be a Hall Costume contest with (bribable? ) secret judges and a small cash prize on Saturday night. A two room suite with a Jacuzzi, paid for by Galacticon, has been reserved for the Klingons.


Date: April 16-17-18, 1999
Hotel: Ramada Inn South, 6639 Capehart Lane
Place: Chattanooga, Tennessee

Room Reservations - (423) 894 - 6110
Costs: Hotel Room $54.00 + tax per night King Room with Jacuzzi $79.00 + tax

Con Registration - $30 for the weekend
Con Registraton for Klingons - $20.00 (in uniform or other proof)

Guests: John Halvorson, Elizabeth Moon and the Suttons (Filk)

and more....

for more information, write:

Galacticon 1999
c/o Melvin Baumgardner/P>
6636 Shallowford Drive
Chattanooga, TN 37421