Mindscanner #54
Cold Steel Quadrant

Stardate: 9902.24

Greetings Fellow Warriors!

I am Cmdr. K'Ray sutai-Dyazelya (Judi Haynes). I am the new CSQ Commander. Currently my Communications Chief, Cmdr. Morgh Molar (Dale Cavanaugh) is working on a new web page or the CSQ. I would appreciate it if any and all ships in the Quadrant would email or write to him with your ship's status, crew rosters and such so we can update our records. Dale's e-mail address is <[email protected]> and if you write, the address is:

I.K.V. Iron Fist of Terror
attention Dale
PO Box 406
Lakemore, Ohio 44250.

If I can be of service to anyone, please contact me at my e-mail

<[email protected]> or <[email protected]> with attention to me.

My Blood Is My Honor!!!