Mindscanner #54
Wild Frontier Quadrant Update
by K'Tyr of the Shadow's Edge (Paul Fest)
<K'[email protected]>

Greetings from the Wild Frontier Quadrant!! The winter has been long and tough, but we all braved it like True Warriors. With the holiday season and the brunt of the winter behind us we can now move ahead with the plans we started back at United Fan Con in November. These plans are geared towards organizing us on a Quadrant level, and helping us work better as a team. This will help move us towards the Wild Frontier Quadrant's goal of universal domination. . . Wait, we decided not to mention that part until we had lulled everyone into a false sense of security. Forget that last part. I was only kidding.

I meant to say that our plans will help us towards our goal of having a lot of fun as a Quadrant, yeah that's it, fun. As far as what we're planning, it starts out with the redesign of our recruiting flyers and applications. We want to recruit as a Quadrant, not as a bunch of individual ships. Apps are going to be sent to me from now on, and then I'll forward that info to our Fleet Commander. Once I receive the apps I'll send out a welcome pack we've designed which includes a welcome letter, a pamphlet about the Quadrant and KAG, and my personal favorite, a cleverly disguised weapon (it's a quadrant bookmark. However, it's laminated and has pointy corners, and could be used quite effectively by the right warrior). This will give new members something to look forward to.

Another project we're working on is combining different aspects from every Klingon resource we possess to create our own Quadrant Resource Book. The goal is to give every KAG member in the Quadrant a total Klingon resource. It will cover all the basics. KAG, culture, weapons, ships, etc. Other projects for the future include a Klingon activity book and a Klingon humor book. We're planning to have prototypes for all of this ready for our next Quadrant meeting which will be in May.

The meeting will be an opportunity to go over the work we've done so far, and Have a Major Party!

Well, That covers everything I wanted to tell you about. So until next time, QAPLA'!! from the Wild Frontier!

Cmdr. K'Tyr sutai-DraK'N
CO, IKV Shadow's Edge
QC, Wild Frontier Quadrant KAG