Mindscanner #54
by Kordite of the Dark Justice (Kevin Geiselman)
[email protected]

World Weavers, the internet's longest running Interactive Fiction group, has had Starfleet ships for many years. But now they are honored to announce World Weavers: Klingon!
"Beneath the stars that drip with blood I stand, defiant and alone. I am here, my Emperor. Call on me, I beg of thee. I was nothing before this day and nothing shall I remain if I cannot serve thee now. Pain and suffering are my just rewards. Do with me as serves thee best. It matters not that I survive, only that I defend. Forfeit of life, but not of honor, in thy cause, death at last is welcome. I am here my Emperor, ready at last to be an instrument of thy will. Ready to obey and die."

With this Oath of Empire join the Klingons in honor and glory! Explode strange new worlds, wipe out new life forms and enslave new civilizations. Boldly cause damage where no Klingon has caused damage before.

No Federation Universal Code of Military Behavior. No Prime Directive. No hypocrisy. No negotiated settlements. No stinking lily-livered, pathetically sniveling, mealy mouthed, whiny little Feddie wimps.

Join us and die . . . with honor.

Visit the World Weavers: Klingon! website at
http://www.fyi.net/~kordite/ww/index.html. Then contact KAG's ELINT Fleet Commander Kordite <[email protected]> with a character bio.