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AER: XLV Korelath – Dragon Con 2014

September 18, 2014 in After Event Report by IXL Captain Thellizhír "Ell" vestai-ch'Lethlaen

On Thursday, September 28, IXL Captain Vynni vestai-sh’Chavar, IXL Lt. Thian tai-th’Chavar, IXL Lt. Lissan tai-sh’Zahar, and myself departed from Boston for our annual adventure to Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA. On Saturday, the four of us gathered with KAG warriors to participate in the Dragon Con parade, and carried the KAG banner once again. Halfway through, we were joined by Tholan Avadi; though he was in Starfleet garb, we tolerated his presence because he is Andorian. We intended to participate in the Star Trek photoshoot after, but found the hot Atlanta weather wholly unsuitable for our kind. Sunday was
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AER IKV Raptor’s Heart at OSFest 7 on August 1-3, 2014

September 14, 2014 in News and Announcements by 2nd Lieutenant Jorn tai-VamPyr

AER, 8/1-3/2014   OSFest SF convention, Omaha   A new fan area was added to the convention this year, and the IKV Raptor’s Heart was tasked with the goal of making it impressive to encourage other fan groups to build areas showing off what they do.  Months of planning went into this mission because of its importance to the community. Beaming in supplies and personnel on Friday, we proceeded to our assigned area and began building a representation of all things (that we had) Klingon.  New stands had been constructed to display a few costumes in addition to the ones
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AER: IKV ta’ veng Grill Out with Klingons

September 2, 2014 in After Event Report by IXL Lieutenant Alin tai-Prinna

Begin transmission: IKV ta’ veng Grill Out with Klingons The crew of the ta’ veng recently held a feast and invited other Klingons, aliens and friends to attend. We commandeered a sheltered area with a grill for cooking meat and attendees brought food to share. There were also games to test a warrior’s coordination and reflexes (tribble toss). The day began early for the ta’ veng’s crew who needed time to prepare themselves, and several of us went on a foraging mission to the local market place. We received many disbelieving stares by the local Terrans, who were clearly unused
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A Good Day to Dine – August 2014 – IKV Logh Veng

August 31, 2014 in After Event Report by Lance-Corporal Q'alara

A Good Day to Dine – August 2014 Begin Transmission: I arrived at the very overcrowded King’s Biergarten and Restaurant on earth date Saturday, August 23, 2014 around 7 pm. It was time for our A Good Day to Dine event. Due to the popularity of the place, and it being a weekend, not to mention our number of 14 people, it was at least an hour before we got to sit at a table. Our party was made up of Klingons from the IKV Logh Veng, and Starfleet officers from the USS Zavala. We were served by two waitresses,
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AER: IKS Mystic VamPyr Invades the StarTrek House In Guffy

August 29, 2014 in After Event Report by Lord VamPyr

AER: IKS Mystic VamPyr Invades the StarTrek House In Guffy The IKS Mystic VamPyr along with several other Ships and Marine units from the KLIN-FIRE fleet, invaded the Star Trek house in Guffey Co. Images can be found here.Star Trek House This is our 4th year Invading this place. and it was glorious this year. . We had Entertainment by Lissa Hanner and friends. .. and Great food.. All this was all done by Steve NightEagle.. He has been working on this for years.. We are proud to call him warrior! Be sure to visit his flickr site If
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