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IKS Tiburon AER: Earth Date July 26 2014.

July 30, 2014 in News and Announcements by Lord VamPyr

IKS Tiburon After Event Report: Earth Date July 26 2014. After the events of last year’s away mission to recover Borg tech from Security Service Field, which resulted with the loss of the IKS Krudge to the Borg Cube. The surviving members of the away team retreated and were later rescued. Upon my return to the Empire I was given temporary command of the IKS Kahlest , along with a new crew, K’embri ”Evelyn Boleyr” we spent the remainder of the solar year patrolling the remains of Praxis. It was the will of Kahless that we intercepted a transmission from
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AER: Silver Snail Halloween Party

July 16, 2014 in After Event Report by Thought-Admiral Krikor epetai-jechwI'

Note: published after the fact ——————————– SILVER SNAIL HALLOWEEN PARTY Stardate: 201310.26 Award: battle notch Krikor’s Log: Three members of the Klingon Justice League attended this party hosted by Silver Snail (a Toronto comic shop): myself as Klingon Batman, T’ark as Klingon Green Arrow, and K’Jad as Klingon Green Lantern.  We spent much of the time in the relatively cool and quiet upper level of the club.  There were prizes given out, but we did not win any.  We left shortly after the prizes. Attending in various non-Klingon guises were: K’tarra, M’rok, M’rel, K’Lel. Members attending in uniform receive a
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AER: Dragon*Con

July 15, 2014 in After Event Report by Thought-Admiral Krikor epetai-jechwI'

Note: forwarded on Khor’s behalf long after the fact. ——————————– DRAGON*CON Stardate: 201308.29-09.03 Award: battle notch Major Khor’s Log: Friday evening we attended Klingon Karaoke.  It was held in a con suite jam packed with people; this is where we first met our host Keela.  I think this event should have been held in the bar on the third floor; we could have held more people and we could have drank. Saturday we met up at the Sheraton and walked down to the start of the parade route.  What a parade!  It must have been three times the size of
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AER: Fan Expo 2013 (Toronto)

July 12, 2014 in After Event Report by Thought-Admiral Krikor epetai-jechwI'

——————————– FAN EXPO Stardate: 201308.22-25 Award: battle notch Krikor’s Log: This large, corporate-run mega-convention is Toronto’s version of San Diego Comic Con.  We always try to make sure there are at least a few Klingons in attendance. Thursday evening I went down in my fleet tee shirt to pick up my wristband.  I hung out for a bit at the Toronto Steampunk table; while there I gave recruit wejpong (Ian) his gold TOS vest.   Friday I wore my TOS, and saw wejpong (Ian) there in his.   Saturday I wore my black Imperial Klingon.   Sunday the Klingon Justice
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AER: HeroesCon 2014

July 7, 2014 in After Event Report by Captain qurgh zantai-lungqIj

AER: HeroesCon Lt’s Personal Log Friday June 20: After laboring many hours in aid of the hUmans, I changed clothes and boarded my personal shuttle to a transport station where I proceeded to the convention center. Once there I checked in with the attendants and confirmed my reservations, then proceeded to the convention floor where I introduced myself to Lt. Cmdr Kas’Duj vestai-Mjolnir of house Mjolnir. After prepping to armor up, I was greeted by IXL Colonel Keela zantai-Septaric. After armoring up and acquiring a dagger from Kas’Duj and having a sign placed on my back, I proceeded to stalk
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