Costumes, T-Shirts, & Fabric

House lungqIj Shirts
KAG and Klingon T-Shirts

The DreamStitcher
A master costumer is starting to make very nice Klingon uniforms again.

Indiscretion: Sew Wicked
Couture seamstress, but can do sci-fi/fantasy.

Costume, Costume, Costume
Imperial Klingon Shoulder and Neck Patterns

Classic Klingon Vests

Classic Klingon Uniforms and Vests
Well made and Highly Detailed. Can make the ENTIRE COSTUME!
Also Movie / STNG / DS-9 KLINGON Uniforms as well….including the Boots. (But they aren’t cheap).

Metal Mesh Fabric

Hi-Impact Props and Costumes
Mostly Star Wars, some Trek.