The House of lungqIj is an old House. It has a large family mansion and lands on Qo’noS, outside the city of ruq’e’vet in the ghevchoq region of the planet. It has been there for most of the House’s existence, although during the House’s early years it’s members were forced to relocate several times. The […]

‘anan naHQun
House ronIy has lands on Qo’noS, where they have their targh “vineyard” for their House bloodwine “Captain naHQun’s Pungent Bloodwine”, but most of their holdings are on Demtay (near Archanis) where they control most of the planet. In addition to bloodwine, House ronIy also has close ties with the Orion Syndicate, specifically the Orion Slave […]

The VamPyr’s belong to a small religious and mysterious Klingon family line called “The Family of Blood”. After defeating an enemy in battle this family line has a ritual of drinking the blood of the vanquished in order to gain their life energy. Whether or not this is based on fact, most races including Klingons […]