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House epetai/Leader: Ja'Ragh Gro'marth
The house of Gro’marth is one of great controversy. At the beginning of Earth’s 1900 Century the leader of the House, Hachr’land San’dirS, emigrated to earth and started a restaurant business, coating the native chickens with a Klingon spice mix. San’dirS took on his middle name as his last, due to its similarity in pronunciation […]
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House epetai/Leader: Ban'ey
A minor house filled with warriors, farmers, and colonists. A minor connection to the House of Kor during the reign of Emperor Reclaw in the Second Dynasty is noted in their genealogy.
House Draconus
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House epetai/Leader: Dragen
In the process of being rewritten.
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House epetai/Leader: Man'TA
The House of KASS was founded long ago on Qo’noS, but fell into decline after siding with the Duras family in the Klingon Civil War, where most of it’s members were killed in battle . Man’TA, daughter of DIM, took over as Epetai when her father was killed, and married Men’JA, a soldier with no […]
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House epetai/Leader: Mistress KaSarr
History Many Centuries ago, a young Klingon Warrioress named K’Shara of the mighty House Kuda, took a journey from the Homeworld on a mission of intrigue. She knew the trip would take a considerable amount of time and would take her far from her home. There were rumours on the outer rim of the Empire […]
House lungqIj logo
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House epetai/Leader: qurgh
The House of lungqIj is an old House. It has a large family mansion and lands on Qo’noS, outside the city of ruq’e’vet in the ghevchoq region of the planet. It has been there for most of the House’s existence, although during the House’s early years it’s members were forced to relocate several times. The […]
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House epetai/Leader: tlharnoQ
A mighty House, comprised of the children and grandchildren of its matriarch, batlh ‘ej’ yay. Few warriors are welcomed in who are not of the blood. The bulk of the House is stationed about the IKV Crimson Dawn, in Timmins, ON, Canada. Despite its isolation, the House’s exploits are felt throughout the Empire. They readily […]
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House epetai/Leader: qorDan QanaSon
The line goes back to the Four Years War when the then House leader was working on the chemical agent to be used against the Federation. Since then, the House has consisted and welcomed medical and science practitioners/workers along with good share of warriors.
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House epetai/Leader: 'anan naHQun
House ronIy has lands on Qo’noS, where they have their targh “vineyard” for their House bloodwine “Captain naHQun’s Pungent Bloodwine”, but most of their holdings are on Demtay (near Archanis) where they control most of the planet. In addition to bloodwine, House ronIy also has close ties with the Orion Syndicate, specifically the Orion Slave […]
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House epetai/Leader: quorIIs