How-To: Getting Started with Star Trek Online

Welcome to the Klingon Assault Group’s guide to getting started with Star Trek Online and joining the Klingon Fleet. This guide will walk you through the process of signing up for a Star Trek Online account, downloading and installing the client, creating your first character, starting the missions and joining the KAG Fleet.

Installing Star Trek Online requires about 11GB of disk space. The entire game is downloaded at one point, which can be a long process on some internet connections. I recommend reading this guide and be aware of the time requirements before you start so you can plan accordingly.

Step 1: Install Arc and Star Trek Online

Arc is software used to manage multiple online games, including Star Trek Online. Click here to download Arc.

Once the Arc Installer (ArcInstall_vXXXXX.exe) has downloaded, run it to begin installation. The default installation options should be sufficient for most people.

Once Arc is installed, run it from the Start Menu or the Icon on your Desktop. You should see the following window:

Screenshot (230)

Click the “Create New Account” button. On the next window, click “I Agree” (You can also opt out of mailings if you don’t want them). In the next window, fill out your Email Address, your Display Name (I recommend using something similar to your KAG Klingon name if you can), a password and your Date of Birth. Make sure you write down your Display Name and your password as your Display Name will be needed later to join the Fleet. Click “Continue” to create the account, then click “Launch Arc”.

After Arc has started, click the “View all Games” button and then click on “Star Trek Online”.

Screenshot (231)

Then click “Play for Free”.

Screenshot (233)

A new window will appear, asking for some installation information. The defaults are normally good for the majority of people. Click “Next” and Arc will start downloading the game installer.

Screenshot (234)

This may take some time, depending on how fast your internet connection is.

Screenshot (235)

Once it’s done, you should get a pop-up, on which you’ll want to click “Play”.

Screenshot (236)

This will start the “STO Launcher”, which downloads all the patches and starts the connection to the game.

Screenshot (237)

The first time you run it, it will need to download a massive patch. This will take some time, depending on your internet connection, but could easily take several hours. I recommend doing something else at this point, maybe work on that Klingon Uniform piece or prop you’ve been meaning to do. You might even want to do this overnight. Once it’s complete, the launcher will change to:

Screenshot (249)

Step 2: Creating your Star Trek Online character

If you have just finished patching your game for the first time, you can click “Engage” to go into the game. The launcher can also be started from within Arc by clicking the “Play” button from the list.

Screenshot (238)

After you click “Engage” the game will launch. It will take a few moments to load, you may be prompted to save your computer’s name and then you will be shown the character creation screen.

Screenshot (239)

Make sure “Klingon” is selected. You are then free to pick a “Race”, a “Gender” and a “Class”. The first two are down to person preference, although the “Race” has some effect on the game, “Gender” however does not. The three Classes are Engineering Officer (these are healers and are good at taking lots of damage), Science Officers (these are healers and use skills to improve friends while hindering enemies) and Tactical Officers (these are damage dealers). Your class does not determine the type of ship you use, however some classes are better at using some types of ships than others and they have slightly different play styles.

Once you have chosen your Race, Gender and Class, click “Next” to move onto the “Appearance” screen.

Screenshot (240)

From here you can completely customize how your character looks. You can also change your Appearance once you are in the game, so don’t feel the need to spend a lot of time here.

Click “Next” when you are done to move onto the “Background” screen.

Screenshot (241)

Enter your characters name, the name of your first Ship and a Biography if you wish. Your “First Name” will become the name that most people will see and will be used to message you. It will be combined with your “Display Name” you recorded earlier to create your characters unique tag that will be needed to join the Fleet. Once you are done, click “Engage” to enter the game.

Step 3: Getting started

After watching the Introduction video for the Klingon Empire, you will be presented with a Tutorial to get you started in the game. Play through the tutorial to learn how to interact with the game world.

The Tutorial will end once you are asked to visit the Chancellor, who will help you level up. Once you have leveled up, you will begin the Star Trek Online Episode missions. The Episodes will lead you through the entire STO storyline and go from level 1 all the way to level 60 in the Delta Quadrant. Each Episode will take about 45 minutes to play. Between Episodes there are also many activities to do and places to visit.

Screenshot (245)

Screenshot (246)

Step 4: Joining the KAG Fleet

Once you have completed the Tutorial and are standing in the First City of the Klingon Homeworld of Qo’noS, you are ready to join the Fleet. You will need one very important piece of information to join, information we recorded earlier. You should have all the information needed to build your CharacterName@DisplayName (obviously made up of your Character’s Name and your accounts Display Name). Once you have that, there are several ways to join the fleet:

  • Visit the STO Fleet Facebook Group, request to join and then post your CharacterName@DisplayName in the top thread.
  • Add the following people to your friends list: qurgh@qurgh, Khartan@pacelli1 and Marok@chessie5882, once they accept, send them a message.

For instructions for adding people to your friends list, and for sending messages in game, visit How-To: Communications.

Once you are accepted into the Fleet, you should check out How-To: Fleet Service.