Games are an important part of recreation of any race. Klingons are no different in this aspect. In games, we find relaxation, friendship and growth.

As a club that is worldwide, playing games become a way of connecting to our fellow warriors we would not otherwise interact with. It brings us closer together as a club. Making that distance from city to city, state to state, and even country to country, seem non-existent. This interaction is very important for that feeling of connection.

If you’re already a member of KAG, take a moment to join our gaming guild! This is a great place for introductions, comments, and to talk about any games you would like to share or find out about. Remember, any game is a Klingon game if Klingons are playing it. 

Come join Discord. This is where we go online to play together

Must be a KAG member to join this server on Discord.

KAG on Twitch. Come check it out. 

Introducing the Great Game 
A game played through the website. You will gain website badges as you finish each level. A certificate you can save, share, and print out when you have completed the first 6 levels. This game is made up of trivia questions and physical challenges. You will be able to get around some if you think about it. 

To start the game

Everyone is welcome. We hope to meet you soon.

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