Games are an important part of recreation of any race. Klingons are no different in this aspect. In games, we find relaxation, friendship and growth.

As a club that is worldwide, playing games become a way of connecting to our fellow warriors we would not otherwise interact with. It brings us closer together as a club. Making that distance from city to city, state to state, and even country to country, seem non-existent. This interaction is very important for that feeling of connection.

If you’re already a member of KAG, take a moment to join our gaming guild! This is a great place for introductions, comments, and to talk about any games you would like to share or find out about. Remember, any game is a Klingon game if Klingons are playing it. 

Come join Discord. This is where we go online to play together

Must be a KAG member to join this server on Discord.

Everyone is welcome. We hope to meet you soon.


Puzzle. Artist Unknown

Caution: Be aware of your peices, they can be pushed of the board,never to return.

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