Imperial Shopping District

Welcome to the Imperial Shopping District. This is the Mall of the Klingon Assault Group. We have a variety of different vendors, with a large selection of both KAG and general Klingon related items. You can find:

Qob!’s Genetic Engineering Services – Headpieces, noses, ears, and more

House lungqIj Clothing – T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, and more

Korath Kasting – Medals and pins

Black Diamond Arsenal – Belt Buckles and PADDs

KAG Patches

Marok’s Weapon Emporium – Knives, swords, disruptors, and other fun things (Coming Soon)

The shops in this mall are run by individual members of KAG, and products are sold by them, not KAG. If you have issues with a seller, please contact them directly. If you feel that a a seller has acted dishonourably, please contact your nearest KAG admiral.