The Hall of Warriors

A memorial for the honored warriors of the Klingon Assault Group who have joined the Black Fleet

Robert “J.P.” Butz (Captain JaPa sutai-Trekkan-Martok)

A warrior to Sto’Vo’Kor Captain JaPa sutai-Trekkan-Martok Deputy Commander, Cold Terror Fleet, KAG-U.S.A. BORN: 7AUG1959 DesMoines, Iowa, U.S.A. FINAL MUSTER: 10AUG2018 DesMoines, Iowa, U.S.A. Honored son of Marion and Delores Butz (Honored Memory). Honored brother of Craig Butz (Honored Memory). Honored sibling of Marcie Brightwell and Richard Butz. Honored uncle and Honored friend. Alum of […]

Norman Norwood (Ensign nor’tauk no’ar)

Provisional Captain, IKV Death Stalker, Wild Frontier Quadrant, Dark Moon Fleet, KAG-U.S.A. BORN: 9NOV1962 Augusta, Maine, U.S.A. FINAL MUSTER: 25JUL2018, Lewiston, Maine, U.S.A. Honored husband of Wendy Carney. Honored uncle, nephew, cousin and friend. Alum of Cony High School, class of ’81. Studied at University of Southern Maine. Served: U.S. Army-enlisted Combat Medic. Carrer accomplished […]

Terri Marik (Ktrean)

Born: 3Nov48 Chicago,IL Stand Down: 4Jan18 Joliet, IL Honored daughter of Peter and Marjorie Mayer (of Blessed Memory) Partner of Charles Raymond Marik (of Blessed Memory) Honored Mother, Grandmother, Sister, Cousin, Aunt, Great-Aunt and beloved friend. Graduate of St. Benedict’s High School of Chicago’s North Side Associate’s degree in Computer Science from Joliet Junior College […]

Susan Aline Ives (Captain K’Eliy epetai-Ansara)

Susan Aline Ives: Born-19MAR59-Stand Down-28JUN17 Daughter of NormaJean Hartford and Minister Ashley J. Ives (of Blessed Memory) Wife of Lloyd Kirk Stapler (of Blessed Memory) Musician, local radio personality B.S. in Social Sciences/Radio-T.V.-Film Kansas State University Educator-Kansas Junior College/Kansas City, MO/USA SCI-FI Fan-Commanding Officer IKV Midnight Legend Much honor and friendships were had. Lives were […]


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