The KAG Handbook

The KAG Handbook contains all the information a new member of KAG needs to get started.  It has information on the structure of KAG, the ranks and positions currently in use by KAG, as well as information on how to start a new ship (chapter), recruit new members and build your first uniforms (costumes).


This handbook is dedicated to all the members of the


who have started a ship and commanded it, bringing glory on themselves, their ship, and the fleets of KAG!


KAG Rules

The Rules of KAG
KAG’s Weapons Policy

KAG Standards

The Structure of KAG
Informal Structures
Geographic Guide
Ranks and Honorifics
KAG’s Cadet Corps
Chain of Command
Awards – Battle Notches
Awards – Kill Stripes
Awards – Strategy Marks

KAG Guidelines

KAG’s Code of Conduct
Starting and Running a Ship
Ship’s Commanding Officer
The Executive Officer
Ship Departments
Ship’s Funds
Online Ship/Crew Manager
Formal Ship Construction
Changelog to Handbook

KAG Recruiting

Recruitment Materials

KAG Quartmaster

Uniform/Costume Guide


Many members have worked on the KAG Handbook over the years. Here are the names of those who’s work has made this Handbook possible:

Captain Kavak zantai-Kurkura and Captain Krahl zantai-Reshtarc for getting the ball rolling.

Admiral Kragtowl zantai-Trekkan, Admiral Kroesh zantai-Septaric, Admiral Klag zantai-Kurkura, Cmdr. Leetra sutai-Trekkan, Cmdr. Kordite sutai-Tashigor, Cmdr. seq-Dogh sutai to’meD – Qelt, Admiral Kwist zantai-Xudetlh, Thought-Admiral Kris epetai-Kurkura, Thought-Admiral KuurIIs epetai-Qaaluhr, Thought-Admiral Kerla epetai-MaHcha’, and Thought-Admiral Krikor epetai-jechwI’ for their additions and source materials.

Many Quadrant, Fleet, and Divisional Leaders who worked together as members of KAG’s Council.

The online edition is maintained by Admiral qurgh zantai-lungqIj.

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