Northern Storm Fleet

Ships in Western Canada

Group: Northern Storm Fleet

Commanding Officer: Captain K'Rau zantai-qulpach

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Edmonton, AB

Launching in 1994 in the town of Medicine Hat the IKV Swifthawk flew north later that same year and has made it's home base in Edmonton ever since. During her tour she has taken part in many different events from doing security at Cat Shows to running a haunted maze for a Halloween event, however in 2008 the Swifthawk went into drydock as fandom was waning but now we're back and ready to gain glory for Fandom and KAG.

Group: IKV Swifthawk

Commanding Officer: Captain K'Rau zantai-qulpach

Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander A'kiel sutai-Daw

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Calgary, AB

Cadet Gunboat assigned patrol duties in the Calgary Sector.

Group: IKV veS vIghro'

Commanding Officer: Cadet Sergeant Ar'Dur tai-Ar'Dur

Executive Officer: Cadet Warrior Kalim Ar'Dur

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