What’s In a Uniform?

What's in a Uniform?

A Klingon, of course! (We do not provide the Klingon, that is YOUR Duty.)

It is up to the members to create or purchase their own Uniforms. However, your ship’s QuarterMaster can assist you in that pursuit. QuarterMasters are equipped with the knowledge of how Uniforms are constructed, and where the materials can be obtained. They often can sell Uniforms to ship members at a substantial discount.

While the term “uniform” brings to mind ranks of troops with identical looks, Klingons have not had a singular look since the Original Series. Every iteration of Star Trek has brought changes to the style and appearance of our beloved people.  

Here is a selection of some of those styles. 

Once you have a uniform, you have taken the first step to becoming an officer. After that you just need to wear it to a public event and let your commanding officer know!