On Saturday October 21st the crews of the IKV Executioner, the IKS Oblivion and the KPV Crimson Fury beamed down to their predetermined location at the Taylorsville Apple Festival to represent KAG and raise money for Alexander Hospice and possibly recruit some new members. In attendance were  IXL Brigadier Keela zantai-Septaric and Cmdr. Martok vestai-lungqIj, DSQ CO, CO and XO respectively of the IKV Executioner, IXL 1st Lt. Way’nar vestai-Barr’ur CO of the IKS Oblivion and his friend Heather and Lt. Cmdrs. Dronoss and Krikala vestai-Hov ‘che, CO and XO respectively of the KPV Krimson Fury along with their son IXL Cadet 2nd Lt. Gartok tai-Hov che’. The day started out a bit chilly which was actually quite comfortable being in full Imperial Klingon armor, but gradually the temperature rose to be quite warm. Our outpost was visited by many humans who graciously donated to Hospice and took pictures. At some point each of us walked around and mingled with the crowd of humans sometimes being stopped to take a photo or two. Overall it was a very successful mission we raised $839.56 for Alexander Hospice which was handed to their director a few days later, had lots of photos taken and possibly recruited a couple of new members. To a Glorious Victory Qapla”!!!!!

Commander Martok sutai-lungqIj

The Dark Moon Fleet Intra-Quadrant Activity Coordinator

CO Dark Star Quadrant

XO IKV Executioner