KAG has flourished for nearly three decades now. Its success is largely due to the simplicity of its rules and how they universally apply to all members. There is a good reason for each rule.

The Rules of KAG are:

1. Have Fun!

2. No Live Steel.

3. Do Not Embarrass KAG.

4. Make no Treaties or Alliances.

5. The Thought Admiral Makes the Rules.


The purpose of KAG is fun. We are not a paramilitary organization, but a club for the mutual enjoyment of the things our members have in common – an enthusiasm and appreciation for Klingons and Star Trek in general. The interest of Star Trek fans is varied and diverse; costuming, language, music, weapons, charities, craft-making, role-playing, cuisine, and simple camaraderie are some of the many areas of interest that members may share. There is no right way to fun in KAG. While a lot of hard work sometimes goes into the production of the spectacular showmanship KAG is known for, the overall purpose of the club is fun. Simply stated, if you’re not having a good time, you’re not doing it right. KAG is primarily a social group.


Obey local weapons restrictions. With regard to weapons (real or replica, blade or firearm, sharp or blunt), obey the laws of the land, and the rules of the convention or other event. Unsafe or irresponsible behavior with weapons is a violation of KAG rules. KAG’s weapon policy contains more details on this rule.


Members should not behave in a manner that dishonors or misrepresents our club. Don’t speak on behalf of (or misrepresent) more than your authority. Don’t commit crimes while in uniform. (Hey! Just don’t commit crimes, period.) Violating the law in the name of, or under color of, KAG is an embarrassment to KAG and can result in your membership being terminated.

Perhaps the most important aspect of the KAG rule, “Do not Embarass KAG” is how you deal with other people. Either individually or as a group, either in KAG or out, bigotry is unacceptable. We are of course fallible and capable of mistakes of judgment. But a unapologetic pattern of Racism, Sexism, or Bigotry of any kind, either online or in real life is Embarrassing to KAG, at the least, and may be grounds for expulsion. While people are free to believe what they wish, members need to always remember that they should always treat other members as equals and should not allow personal prejudices to influence their attitudes towards others (in the club or non-members). KAG’s Code of Conduct has more details on expected conduct within the club.


No member of KAG is empowered to sign or verbally commit to any treaty, alliance, or contract that could be taken as binding, legal or otherwise, on the whole club. Signing one’s ship up to participate or assist at an event, for example, is not prohibited by this rule.


This is not a club for rule makers and bureaucratic architects. This rule protects the club from unnecessary bureaucracy and keeps the premise of membership very simple.

The Klingon Assault Group is a large and diverse club. The various Fleets and Divisions have some differences in the way they operate according to what works best for them. The rules of KAG serve to bind the club together as a whole. For this reason, they are few and simple, and not to be added to lightly.