Communicate – Talk or write to your fellow members. Guide new members along as you once may have been guided yourself by others in the club. The glory of activities takes on new life when recounted to others.

Participate – You are encouraged to take an active role in club activities whenever possible. Conventions, charity events, parties, etc. are all great ways to have fun and gain recognition within KAG.

Use Common Sense – People who are not in fandom often don’t understand the ways in which we carry on in our pursuit of fun. Don’t assault, insult, or point weapons (even toy ones) at them. Don’t expect them to be knowledgeable participants in the game.

Practice Tolerance – In fandom you will meet a great variety of personality types. Try to extend the tolerance you would wish extended to yourself. It’s not expected that you will get along perfectly with every person you meet.

Live Honorably – The dictionary defines honor as “honesty, fairness, or integrity in one’s beliefs and actions”. Accept personal responsibility for your actions. Be bound by your word.

Embrace Duty – The glory of KAG is members working together towards common goals and sharing the tasks necessary to achieve them. When you accept a task, see it through. If you can’t for any reason, let the appropriate people know in plenty of time so that arrangements can be made for someone else to complete it.  Be someone your crew-mates can depend on.

Seek Glory – The dictionary defines glory as “high public esteem”. Honor, service and communication are the best keys to achieving the greatest glory in KAG.

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