Blade or firearm, real or replica, sharp or blunt, made of steel, aluminum, plastic, wood, resin or any other material… obey the laws of the land and the rules of the convention or other event with regard to your weapons.

Unsafe or irresponsible behavior with weapons is a violation of KAG rules.

  • Do not point a weapon of any kind at someone without their permission. An unsharpened blade pointed at a mundane can appear just as much a threat as a sharp one, and a real-looking prop gun (no matter how it is handled) will appear as more of a threat than a toy ray gun.
  • Do not unsheathe or wield a real weapon in public. Exception is made for displays and demonstrations sanctioned by the event and within the law.

Live Steel refers to any unsheathed metal or edged weapon. A blade can be prevented from being ‘live’ if it’s ‘peace bonded’, ie: tied into its protective sheath in a way that prevents it from being easily drawn.

The law and convention policy override all other considerations. If convention security wants you to peace-bond, or leave behind, even a plastic knife or gun, do as they require without argument.

If you are breaking the law of the land or convention policy, or handling your weapons in an irresponsible or unsafe way, then you are breaking KAG’s rules and could lead to dismissal from the club.

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