The KAG Tavern – Episode 1

The KAG Tavern – Episode 1
KAG Podcast

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Welcome to The Tavern where members can boast of their deeds and the glory they’ve brought the Empire!

This episode features the tales from: Jorn’s SuperCon Report, Kirkor’s account of the “Second City Invasion”, as well as Paul Carreau at  his first event.

It also features a special announcement from the Games Chancellor chISwI’

All are welcome to submit their tales or reports to put Tavern in the subject.  I apologize for my pronunciation of names. If you are able to record your own tales, it will prevent me from butchering them. If you need help with recording we’d here to help! Just shoot us an email!

For November’s episode we’re looking for origin stories, how did you come to join KAG? Tell us your tale!