KAG Activities 2020 with Christine Hoopengardner

KAG Activities 2020 with Christine Hoopengardner
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On this episode, Jorn and Ja’Jim talk with Games Chancellor and Acting Dark Moon Fleet Commander chiswI’. She is very active in KAG and can often be found chatting with other KAG members on the Discord channel for KAG. Christine talke about numerous activities including Syfy Bartow Festival ( https://visitcentralflorida.org/events/syfy-bartow ) , Klingons Have Vision, the Treklanta convention, ongoing gaming activities like STO Fleet Night, and the first ever Klin Zha tournament happening this coming April. And along with all of that, she also discusses her experience with the QI’lop gathering and how one might put on one themselves. Christine wants to see more involvement with KAG and talks about ideas for that. We hope you enjoy this episode and get some ideas for activities for you and your ship. Qapla’!


  1. Hi.
    I listen to this Podcast.
    You in the Staates are so Lucky to have Klingons big.
    In Germany the Klingons are dead.only a few peopke Herr regoniced Klingons. Well,from 2nd to 3rd May 20 WE have the Destination Con in Dortmund. I will See,what I can do.
    Only 3 peopke have regoniced our tribble in the Box Game.

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