Bound By Honor 008: The Romulan Way (Rihannsu Book #2)

Bound By Honor 008: The Romulan Way (Rihannsu Book #2)
Bound by Honor

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On this episode of Bound By Honor: The Klingon Book Review Podcast, Juvan, Jorn, and Ja’Jim are once again joined by N’ayr and Kavura of the Klingon Assault Group Xeno Legions to discuss Romulan culture and history as it is presented in The Romulan Way (Riahnnsu Book #2) by Diane Duane and Peter Morwood. Dr. McCoy finds himself in the custody of the Romulans and it looks like he is to be held responsible for war crimes against the Empire, his only hope may be a human deep cover agent that has been living with Romulans for many years. Can, and more importantly, will this agent help McCoy?


  1. The opening music to this is killer! I’ve never read The Romulan Way or the Rhahnnsu series, but it sounds great. Also wonderful to hear from members of the Xeno-Legion I just joined, fellow brothers and sisters! Very good podcast.

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