Bound By Honor – 002: How Much for Just the Planet? by John Ford

Bound By Honor – 002: How Much for Just the Planet? by John Ford
Bound by Honor

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This is definitely not your run of the mill Star Trek novel. On this Episode of Bound By Honor: The Klingon Book Review Podcast, Jorn, Juvan, and Ja’Jim take a look at what may be the most bizarre look at the Klingon/Federation relationship in all of Trek literature. On an out f the way planet, a huge amount of dilithium is discovered and both the Feds and the Empire want exclusive mining rights. The Direidians have different ideas, and thanks to the Organian Peace Treaty, those vying for control have to ‘negotiate’ for mining rights according to “Plan-C.” What is that? Listen and learn! We welcome your feedback at!  Qapla!



  1. 2nd Lieutenant Krorath tai-Krorath

    I have a suggestion for an upcoming review. Alan Dean Foster’s, ‘Star Trek: Log Seven’. Ostensibly, this series of books was just prose adaptations of the Animated Series scripts, but a few of the stories were greatly expanded, turning short stories into novels & novellas. In Log Seven, the story, ‘The Counter-Clock Incident’, ends at Chapter V, but continues with all-new material – story featuring Klingons. I’m reading this now, & really enjoying Foster’s take on Klingons.