Benefits of KAG Membership 2: Language and Quartermaster

Klingon Assault Group Podcast
Benefits of KAG Membership 2: Language and Quartermaster

Welcome to the Benefits of KAG Membership Podcast. The purpose of this podcast is to help prospective, new, and even those who have been members for a while, find ways to get involved.

In the first segment, Jorn visits with jansIy (Jeremy Cowan) on learning the Klingon Language. He explains the importance of language and how it binds a culture together. He also talks about the Klingon Language Institute (KLI), an organization that works in various ways to promote and teach others to communicate. Below are links to the KLI and KAG’s list of language resources (you must be a member to access this. Finally, a link to the Learn Klingon Facebook page.

The second segment features a discussion with Cold Terror Fleet Commander maroq (Marc Malnekoff) who is also the head of the KAG Quartermasters. Maroq explains the many methods that may be used for costuming and the production of weapons. He has a wealth of information and experience and is more than happy to help those in need. The links below include the KAG Quartermaster’s Facebook page. You can also go to and find numerous ideas listed under the Resources tab.

Ultimately, what you get from your KAG membership depends entirely on what you put into it. There are many ways to be involved. There are countless members to help you become involved at whatever level you choose. Qapla!