Bound By Honor – 003: Star Trek: Klingon

Bound By Honor – 003: Star Trek: Klingon
Bound by Honor

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Welcome Warrior!  On this episodes so Bound by Honor, we discuss Star Trek: Klingon by Dean Wesley Smith and Kristine Katheryn Rusch.  The book is a novelization of the game of the same name, both released in 1996. In the game, Chancellor of the High Council, Gowron, leads a young warrior through the Klingon way of decision-making. In the novel, Gowron tells the story to a group of Starfleet officers in hopes of stabilizing the Federation/Klingon alliance through cultural understanding.  Join Juvan, Jorn and Ja’Jim as they analyze the plot and discuss their thoughts on the story.

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  1. Marine Major Murloch sutai-Torak

    Here is the Borg game you spoke of, it predated the Klingon game by about a year.

    I LOVE this game! Played the game and truly enjoy the reference material it gave us, hell a few years ago I even bought a used computer that could run it on ebay just so I could continue to play it. Read the book you highlighted and enjoyed it immensely. Deployed to Afghanistan a few years ago I also discovered the Audiobook which uses quite a bit of audio from the game. Good one to highlight!