Charlotte Comicon Winter Show

On December 11, 2022, the Klingon Assault Group was once again welcomed at the Charlotte Comicon Winter Show at the Embassy Suites hotel in Concord, NC.

Typically we are assigned space in the hall with other fan groups and we usually try to bring everything, but this event did not feature any of our large props. However, we offered a vast array of interesting collectibles ranging from Borg to Romulan to Klingon (of course).

Attending from the IKV Executioner were CO, IXL Brigadier Keela zantai-Septaric; XO, Lt. Cmdr. Martok sutai-lungqIj; crewman and progeny, IXL 2nd Lt. Way’nar tai Barr’ak and cloaked IXL 2nd Lt. E’va tai-Barr’ak; and last, but not least, crewman and targ, IXL Lt. S’Risha tai and the Raging Marshmallow.

Attending from the KPV Krimson Fury were CO, Lt. Cmdr. Dronoss vestai-Hov Che’ and myself, XO, Lt. Cmdr. Krikala vestai-Hov Che’ (I came in late from an exotic huMan gathering) dressed as a Dabo girl. Our progeny, IXL Cadet 2nd Lt. Gartok tai-Hov Che’ came cloaked in order to mingle better with the teenage huMan larvae swarming the convention.

A festive atmosphere at the KAG table was obtained by adding seasonal Kris’mas tinsel {along with the amazing Kris’mas stockings constructed by the KPV Krimson Fury command staff for the attending command staff of the Executioner), to attract the huMans to donate to: the Kwanzaa Family Inn CHRISTMAS FUND.

Every year starting in October, a small amount of funds is set aside for Kwanzaa Family Inn women and children for Christmas. Because conventions were fewer this latter part of the year, IXL Brigadier Keela decided it would be necessary to commit to raising for this cause alone at the Charlotte Comicon Winter Show. The approved decision was a smashing success.

We raised over $700! Qapla’!!! Great work to everyone who helped, today! I was only able to assist in the last few hours of the con, so most of the credit goes to the other warriors shown!

Glory and honor are theirs!

Lt. Cmdr. Krikala vestai-Hov Che’, XO KPV Krimson Fury


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