AER: Grand Comic Con – March 24, 2018 – Grand Island, Nebraska

AER: Grand Comic Con – March 24, 2018 – Grand Island, Nebraska

There’s a new con in town and KAG was represented by a single Klingon warrior. 1st Lt. Ja’Jim tai Ja’Jim (me), accompanied by his daughter attended the con for the purpose of promoting KAG and recruiting.

I was not expecting the turnout as I wandered the dealer’s room talking about my costume, how I built it, and handing out KAG business cards. I visited with numerous people and talked about the rules of KAG with a huge emphasis on the first rule of our organization, which is “Have Fun!”

I was interviewed by a television reporter who filed a report. The reporter talked to me for about five minutes, but none of the KAG comments made it on the video when the news aired. Read the story and see the video here:

I also signed up for the costume contest that ended the con and won 2nd Place. I should point out that there were only two contestants in my division, but it was still glorious!  When it was my turn on stage, I threatened the human MC calling him a “miserable human pa’taQ” (all in fun) and further told him that he had nothing to worry about, “I have never killed anyone at a con.” As I took center stage. I raised my bat’leth and proudly proclaimed “for the glory of the empire! Qapla’!”

When it was all over, I visited with Doug Holmes, the organizer of the event, and told him that I would love to present a panel or two at next year’s con.

Respectfully submitted, Lt. Ja’Jim tai Ja’Jim.

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