AER-11/23/18-11/25/18-IKV Predator at Starbase Indy

IXL Major Kavura vestai-K’cep and Rising Phoenix Quadrant Commander N’ayr sutai-K’cep, along with several members of KAG, invaded Starbase Indy in Indianapolis, IN for Thanksgiving weekend. Nayr and Kavura hosted a panel called “Andorians: Friend or Foe?” to provide a fun and informational presentation on our blue friends of the Imperial Xeno Legion. The Klingon Pop Warrior provided live concerts and sponsored the “Klingon Invasion”, a nightly party in her room to let everyone know that the Klingon way is the only true way. Nayr and Kavura donned Andorian makeup and gear and led a glorious Andorian invasion of the con party scene Saturday night.

Starbase Indy is a fan run con that tries to promote Star Trek and STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics for kids). The con had many educational panels on science. There were also more philosophical panels such as humanism on Star Trek, and artificial intelligence and the rights of machines.

The con was complete with fun family activities, such as the Uhura Training Academy, which provided programming for both kids and grownups. A panel on the life of Nichelle Nichols emphasized her contributions to NASA. It was through her efforts that NASA recruited many ethnic groups and minorities into the space program. Nichelle herself took NASA’s astronaut training program.

Carl Taliaferro, one of Star Trek’s makeup artists, did a live demo of his art as he made up actor Bill Blair, multi-time Star Trek alien guest star, as an Andorian. The process took several hours to complete. Carl said most of the makeup he uses on Star Trek aliens can last a long time and does not usually wear off with sleep or wash off with water. Bill Blair holds the Guinness World Record for the actor who has played the most alien roles onscreen.

The Star Trek band Five Year Mission gave their yearly concert and brought the house down. Guest actor Francois Chau from the TV shows Lost and The Expanse mentioned that he has always been a science fiction fan and a Star Trek fan. Con favorite Moxie Magnus was there to provide her own brand of holiday cheer. Fan clubs such as the 501st Legion and Starfleet Command were there as well, and they made peace with Klingon Empire, for it was not a good day for war.

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