Wilkes Comicon – July 15, 2023

Once again the Klingon Assault Group was asked to invade and conquer Wilkes Comicon on July 15, 2023! Wilkes Comic Con is a family friendly event for all ages. Admission was $5.00 for adult huMans, $3.00 for 4 year old to 13 year old huMans. Ages 3 and under were free, but I don’t recall seeing many human larvae there.

Wilkes Comic Con was held at The Stone Center 613 Cherry St, North Wilkesboro, NC 28659, a great location. Once again KAG was permitted to set up at the registration area in order to capture the attendees before they spent their latinum or after they had made change. It was a battle tactic that we had great success with the previous year.

It was a glorious invasion with four members of the IKV Executioner leading the fray: Commander Martok sutai-lungqIj (Robert Plante), IXL 2nd Lt. Boba tai Fett (Jacob Holland) debuting his TOS uniform, IXL Lt. Cmdr. Grakus vestai-Mjolnir (Paul Myers), and IXL Brigadier Keela zantai-Septaric (myself). .

These warriors were followed by the KPV Krimson Fury: Lt. Cmdr. Dronoss vestai-Hov che’ (Brian Spruill) and Lt. Cmdr. Krikala vestai-Hov che’ (Kitty Spruill).

Arriving close behind was the IKS Oblivion: IXL Lt. Way’nar vestai-Barr’ur (Wayne Brown). It was great to see Marine Captain Achbar vestai-Kurkura there. We always try to tempt him away from his extended time travel stay to join the battle with KAG once more.

The only difficulty was navigating the fixed entrance doors, but KAG proved victorious. The arrangement was much like last year due to the configuration of the area, accommodate our collectibles and display items, and the need to provide space for registration to set up.

It was a hard fought battle under warm temperatures, but fun was had and funds in the amount of $505.49 were raised for Kwanzaa Family Inn’s roof project.

Of note there was also a new uniform look debuting at this convention to the great enjoyment of all the KAG members. Lt. Cmdrs. Dronoss and Krikala came in their TAS (the animated series) uniforms which were outstanding!

There was also a grouping of TOS (the original series) Klingons, Boba, Keela and Martok. Qapla’ to Boba for receiving his first commissioned officer promotion from Warrior to IXL 2nd Lt. tai!

The IXL was represented by a reboot Romulan and a Mandalorian: Grakus and Way’nar. Qapla’ to 2nd Lt. Way’nar tai for receiving his second promotion to IXL 1st Lt. tai!

After the hard fought battle, the KAG table and display were dismantled and packed away. Then those warriors who wished to eat warped to a nearby Australian themed restaurant called The Lost Wombat for a glorious Good Day to Dine, earning an additional battle notch for their appearance at a different venue and representing KAG. Qapla’!

IXL Brigadier Keela zantai-Septaric, CO Dark Star Quadrant, CO IKV Executioner, DSQ IXL Legate