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Phoenix Rising - Quadrant

Ships in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee

Group: Phoenix Rising - Quadrant

Commanding Officer: Captain Kona-Nor sutai-DungyI'SunSIn

Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Jorn vestai-VamPyr

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Bushnell, FL

Named for Adm. K’Lynn zantai-Hurric (Lynn Cornwell), who died of cancer on August 20, 1998. Named Dark Phoenix (now Phoenix Rising) Quadrant Ship of Honor 2014.

Group: IKV QI’lIn bortaS

Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Komag tai-Komag

Executive Officer: 2nd Lieutenant 'atlhetbur tai-K'Onor

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Calhoun, GA

Protroling North West Georgia

Group: IKV Battle Fury

Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Goth vestai-Gore

Executive Officer: Lieutenant Azetbur vestai-T'Lak

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Gainsville, GA

Command Ship Phoenix Rising Quadrant. Command Ship of Georgia Squadron.

Group: IKV Dark Star

Commanding Officer: Captain Kona-Nor sutai-DungyI'SunSIn

Executive Officer: Marine Lieutenant Colonel Kordash sutai-Trekkan

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Douglasville, GA

Central West Georgia Ship


Group: IKV Raptor

Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Kirak vestai-T'krull

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Nashville, TN

Tennessee Squadron Command Ship

Group: IKV Predator

Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Commander N'ayr vestai-K'cep

Executive Officer: IXL Captain Kavura vestai-K'cep

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Deerfield Beach, FL

Patrolling Cyberspace and South Florida.


Group: IKV Invictus

Commanding Officer: Lieutenant chISwI' vestai-lungqIj

Executive Officer: 2nd Lieutenant Mo'Ros tai-

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