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Dark Vengeance Quadrant

Ships in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia

Group: Dark Vengeance Quadrant

Commanding Officer: Commander Jag sutai-Kurkura

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Hermitage, PA

Patrolling the area around Hermitage, PA

Group: IKS Vipers Venom

Commanding Officer: Marine Captain NuHral vestai-Kurkura

Executive Officer: Marine Lieutenant K'ntaH tai-

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Pittsburgh, PA

Orbitting near Pittsburgh

Group: IKV Hegh qIj

Commanding Officer: Lieutenant Kuruk tai-Rustadzh

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Philadelphia, PA

Patrolling the skies around the Greater Philadelphia area

Group: IKAV chuch 'etlh

Commanding Officer: Ensign A'taQ

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New York, NY

Klingon Outpost of New York City

Group: Outpost Camanche

Commanding Officer: 2nd Lieutenant Armon tai-Ral

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