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Dark Moon Fleet

Ships in the Eastern United States

Group: Dark Moon Fleet

Commanding Officer: Admiral qurgh zantai-lungqIj

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Ships in Maine, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Massachusetts


Group: Wild Frontier Quadrant

Commanding Officer: IXL Major Thellizhír vestai-ch'Lethlaen

Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Qat'Iy sutai-K'olSoh'hn Kurkura

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Ships in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware and West Virginia

Group: Dark Vengeance Quadrant

Commanding Officer: Commander Jag sutai-Kurkura

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Ships in Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina and Maryland


Group: Dark Star Quadrant

Commanding Officer: Commander Gortok sutai-QIHqem

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Ships in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Tennessee

Group: Phoenix Rising - Quadrant

Commanding Officer: Captain Kona-Nor sutai-DungyI'SunSIn

Executive Officer: Lieutenant Commander Jorn vestai-VamPyr

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