Cold Steel Quadrant

Ships in Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Kentucky


Group: Cold Steel Quadrant

Commanding Officer: Captain Marok sutai-toQqul

Executive Officer: Lieutenant K'Temok vestai-lungqIj

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Ingalls, IN

Space station near central Indiana (inactive)

Group: ghIntaq tengchaH

Commanding Officer: 2nd Lieutenant Garth Makura

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Calhoun, KY

NCC-74683-A, Prometheus Class battleship. Re-purposed and controlled by us Klingons

Group: ICV Shiloh

Commanding Officer: 2nd Lieutenant KnodwI tai-Kang

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French Lick, IN

Patrolling the valley in Orange County

Group: IKS roSwI'

Commanding Officer: Commander naHQun sutai-ronIy

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Cincinnati, OH

Patrolling the skies around Southern Ohio and Northern Kentucky!


Group: IKV ta' veng

Commanding Officer: Lieutenant K'Temok vestai-lungqIj

Executive Officer: IXL Captain Alin Prinna tai-lungqIj

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Middletown, OH

Patrolling Middletown, Ohio

Group: IKV tev veS

Commanding Officer: 2nd Lieutenant Sjokaam tai-K'Tan

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Erlanger, KY

Cloaked somewhere around Cincinnati


Group: KPV Hov nIHwI'

Commanding Officer: Admiral qurgh zantai-lungqIj

Executive Officer: Commander Kayless sutai-lungqIj

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