Cadets in KAG are members that are under the age of sixteen.  In many cases, these members act as auxiliaries on KAG vessels.  Occasionally there is enough of a grouping of cadets that they are organized into a unit or ‘gunboat’.

Like all members, cadets in KAG are rewarded in various ways, the most common being rank.  Cadet rankings mirror the rank system of their adult counterparts up to the rank of Commander, save that cadet rank is always prefaced with the word ‘cadet’.



Cadet Lance-Corporal
Cadet Corporal
Cadet Sergeant
Cadet Sergeant-Major
Cadet Ensign
Cadet 2nd Lieutenant (Lieutenant JG)
Cadet Lieutenant
Cadet Lieutenant Commander
Cadet Commander

For example, Cadet Lt. Cmdr. KlinwI’ serves on the maQmIgh.  A leader among cadets is given the title ‘Captain of Cadets’ and is put in command of a cadet unit.

Among cadets, uniforms are not required to advance in cadet ranking, however, uniformed cadets are awarded the honorific of tai, as are all members who complete a uniform.

A cadet who ‘graduates’ from the Cadet Corps at or above the ranking of Cadet Lt. Cmdr. is awarded the honorific of vestai for successful completion of the Cadet Corps and for their work on behalf of KAG. If they have a uniform, they are also awarded the rank of 2nd Lieutenant.

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