Accessories, Weapons, & Other Props

Marok’s Imperial Emporium
Beautifully crafted and painted wooden bladed weapons of all sorts including batleths.

Black Diamond Arsenal
Supplier of quality pins and props.

JP’s Supply Hut
The very best in rank pins, belt buckles, and special order metal work.

Marco Enterprises
293 N Spruce Dr
Anaheim CA 92805
Catalog — $5
Money orders or cashier’s checks only
(Tell them Kris sent you)

The Mad Klingon
Fully painted and wonderfully detailed scale resin props. Props are original and not recasts of another’s work.
I am the artist. I designed, constructed, cast, painted and assemble my pieces.

The Sawdust Smithy
Good-looking Con Safe weapons!

Starbase 3D
Uniform accessories such as rank, collar clips, vest trim, spine armor, belt buckles all 3d printed in color so no paint required. Several hard to find items including bloodwine mugs, holster adornment plates, cloak glyphs and more.

Roddenberry Shop
All kinds of Star Trek items from the son of the Great Bird of the Galaxy!

KAG and Klingon Decals
11677 Reutzel Drive
Boise, Idaho 84709