QI’lop Online

October is the time for QI'lop!

October 2nd Friday. It starts at 5pm est / 4/pm cst. till the bloodwine runs out!

This is a holiday that is celebrated during the is 10th month of the calendar. Family and friends gather together and celebrate the might of the Empire! Eat, Drink and be merry like a Klingon!  This year, we are online to include all our friends and family. Everyone is invited!

Set your tablet, phone or pc up at the dinning room table and have dinner with us. Make a Klingon dish you can show off. BYOB .

This event is formal. Don’t leave your halo emitter on.
Who will bring the stuffed to’baj legs?
On the newly renamed server ” KAG Konvention Center “

Need Dish ideas? consult of KAG cookbook :

KAG Konvention Center Discord Server

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