KAG Podcast – Ship Activities

KAG Podcast – Ship Activities
KAG Podcast

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Got questions for the hosts? Got suggestions for the show? Send us a mail at podcast@kag.org! So, you’ve signed up and recruited enough people to have a ship, now what?! We are joined by Marine Brigadier MarQIS zantai-qul (Marvin Dotson) and Marine Colonel Vam’Pyr sutai-VamPyr (John Miller) where we talk about Activities you and your shipmates can do to gain prestige among your peers, bring honour to your house and glory to the Empire! More importantly Discovery launch parties!


Lt. Commander Jorn vestai-VamPyr

2nd Lieutenant Juvan tai-DunyI’SunSIn


Marine Colonel Vam’Pyr sutai-VamPyr

Marine Brigadier MarQIS zantai-qul

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