Bound By Honor 49 – Paradigm by Heather Jarman

Bound by Honor
Bound by Honor
Bound By Honor 49 - Paradigm by Heather Jarman

On this episode of Bound By Honor, our hosts seem to be a bit confused. Well, more than just a bit. Neither one really got into this story from Andor (formerly Andoria). From the back of the book, we get this: “On the eve of a great celebration of their ancient past, the unusual and mysterious Andorians, a species with four sexes, must decide how much they are willing to sacrifice in order to ensure their survival. Biological necessity clashes with personal ethics; cultural obligation vies with love — and Ensign Thirishar ch’Thane returns home to the planet he forswore, to face not only the consequences of his choices, but a clandestine plan to alter the very nature of his kind.” Maybe someone can help our intrepid hosts understand this story. Qapla!