Bound By Honor 025: Diplomatic Implausibility & loDnI’pu vavpu’je

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Bound By Honor 025: Diplomatic Implausibility & loDnI'pu vavpu'je

On this Episode of Bound by Honor: The Klingon Book Review Podcast, Jorn and Ja’Jim discuss two works by author Keith R.A. DeCandido. The first is a short story from the collection Tales from the Captain’s Table entitled loDnI’pu vavpu’ je. The Captain’s Table is a bar that exists outside of time and space where starship captains go to tell stories. Klag, son of M’Raq tells his tale of two brothers, one of which is a fool according to Klag. In Diplomatic Implausibility, Klag commands the IKS Gorkon on a mission to deliver Worf to the planet toD to solve a problem to everyone’s satisfaction. Qapla!