Bound by Honor 021: Day of Honor & Honor Bound

Bound by Honor 021: Day of Honor & Honor Bound
Bound by Honor

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On this episode of Bound By Honor, Jorn and Ja’Jim discuss the last two books in the Day of Honor series, Day of Honor by Michael Jan Friedman and Honor Bound by Diana G. Gallagher. Day of Honor is a novelization of the 4th season episode by the same title. B’Elanna Torres is having a very bad day on the sacred Klingon holiday, but decides to go through with the rites that go along with the day. It doesn’t go any better, and add to that, she is ordered to help Seven of Nine try to create a trans-warp conduit. as if things couldn’t get any worse, an accident forces B’Elanna to dump the warp core. In Honor Bound, Worf’s son, Alexander, is having some trouble as he gets bullied at school. A promise to his father means he has to try to get along while reigning in his natural Klingon instincts. Join us for this episode while our hosts discuss the nature of Klingon honor. Qapla!


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